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Please ensure the following:

  • The data file must be a CSV file.
  • Ideally, the file would contain between 100 and 10k rows, and fewer than 30 columns.
  • The first row of the file must contain column headers.
    • Ensure each column has a header value, and that there are no trailing columns/commas.
  • Data should not be sparse. Most cells should contain data.
  • Ensure Measure columns contain numbers without any formatting (bad: "$100M", good: "100000000").
  • Data should be in a format that easily allows for pivoting.
    • Dimension columns contain many repeated values, the data set can be grouped by these Dimensions to aggregate Measures.
  • Each cell has only a single piece of data. (ex: no date ranges)
  • Ideally the file should contain a handful of Dimensions and a handful of Measures.
Take a look at some of our Example Boards to get an idea.
Or take a look at this example data file.